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20/03/2020 6:34 am  

I am so freaking angered by all those who even AFTER LEARNING about this coronavirus did NOTHING to prevent it from spreading! Then even same mentality is here in the USA,  a country that is considered to be so advanced and so called educated! Therefore I think each and every person that continued to go out when knowing how rapidly this can spread and how deadly this is and how some of us can carry the virus with no symptoms and still pass it on to another that could have a catastrophic experience are a part a mass murder. I hold every single dumb, ignorant, self centered - self absorbed, selfish, inconsiderate muthafuckas responsible and because each one of you didn't care enough about the lives of others; you ARE responsible for the now unnecessary illnesses and deaths due to your negligence to care enough to social distancing as pe-warned and advised! Every unnecessary death is a result of each of those that were too selfish to care enough and are a part of this mass selfishness are murderers and disgust me to no end. Wish they had a vaccine for you stupid disgraceful assholes to have and continue to contribute to this virus spreading and killing people worldwide! Had to release that! 

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Osei Kwasi Sika
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20/03/2020 7:51 am  

I think we'll all have to "release" in time, as social distancing stretches into weeks, months ... ??? 😶  


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